“IT’S A CHRISTMASSY SOCIAL” Monday 7th Dec. “Bring some food! (or drink)”

Hopefully you will have received your newsletter and seen that we have a Christmassy night planned for Monday 7th December in the PL at PP.  We’d like everyone to either bring some food or drink to share. It doesn’t have to be mega, just some sausage rolls, cakes, savouries, sandwiches, pork pies, cheese & biscuits (that’ll do for me what are you having-lol). Or if you prefer you can bring some drink, a bottle of sherry, wine, beer, coke /pepsi  or whatever.

As I said all food & drink will be shared with the members and as usual the social is for DCDSC Members (& carers)  only, so if you can, remember to bring your membership card with you. There will be a free membership number prize draw on the night too, plus you could win the “Mystery Tin” – (I can tell you’re excited).

We have entertainment from our friends at Ashby who will be performing and also getting us to join in with a few Christmas songs, so make sure you have your best singing voices ready, we can practice now, all together

“So  Here It Is Merry Christmas, Every body’s Having Fun, Look To The Future Now It’s Only Just Be – g u u un – It’s Christmasssssssssss!!!!!! ”   Ooo I can hear Noddy now – Ha-Ha.

We may have a special guest too though at the time of writing, this hasn’t been confirmed. If I find out before I’ll let you know, but, we may not know until the night – that’s another reason to come. Look forward to seeing you there, so be there or be thinner.

PS – If you have anything you can donate as a raffle prize either for our social nights it would be appreciated.

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Best AGM Ever?

Best AGM ever, that sounds a bit fishy.  Okay it wasn’t the AGM that was great (though it was pretty good).  What made the night special was Steve Powell & Charlie Palmer. They were absolutely brilliant, they did a Q&A session for over an hour and then made sure that they spcharlie-palmer-the-fradley-boysent time and spoke to everyone in the room.  As you can see from the pictures everyone had a really good night. Charlie proved to be a bit of a heart throb, (in the best Jermey Clarkson traddition) “Some say, he’s even better looking than Denzial Washington” he certainly had one or two of our ladies  slightly flused (can I say that, too late already have – lol).

   ^^ Here’s a picture of Charlie & The Fradley Boys

Steve talked about his playing days and interacted with members really well, quite serchris-steve-powellious and indepth at one point, I thought we were on Question Time. Everyone got the chance to ask a question, and if they were too shy (as some people are) both Steve & Charlie (as I mentioned) took the time to speak to everyone in the room. 

Brenda & Friends
Brenda & Friends

 Everyone enjoyed the FREE refreshments as well as some mince pies bought in and possibly baked by Julie H. So much so that we’ve decide to extend FREE refreshments to our social on Monday December 7th, but we want you to help out too, make sure you read the next post, due very soon.      


Toby, Kenny & Ma & Pa Fradley

Toby, Kenny & Ma & Pa Fradley



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AGM & Social Night Monday 2nd November

We have our AGM on Monday 2nd November at Pride Park. AGM starts at 7.00pm prompt, after AGM we will be joined by ex Rams Stars Steve Powell & Charlie Palmer, so make sure you have your questions ready.charlie-palmer
200px-steve_powellDon’t forget to bring you membership cards with you as we will have a FREE Prize draw, plus, there will be FREE (Yes I did say FREE) refreshments. So make sure you get down. You do need to be a member on attend & vote, but you can join/rejoin on the night price is just £10 per season.   (This would include your carer if needed).

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DCDSC Supporter of the Year 09/10

Congratulations goes to Andrew Hewitt who is the DCDSC Supporter of the year 09/10. Andrew is pictured receiving “The Gordon Hoult Trophy/Award”  from Kris Commons at the DCFC Awards Night Dinner earier this year.

Kris & Andrew

Kris & Andrew

 Andew has been an active member and Treasurer of the DCDSC for the past five years. He reluctantly stepped down as treasurer this year as heis currently waiting for a back operation which will put him out of action for a while (not to long we hope).

On behalf on myself and the committee, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew for all the hard work he has done for the DCDSC, we wish him well with his op and look forward to welcoming him back at the social nights when he feels up to it.

Well done Andrew !

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Quiz Night – Tonight 7th September 2009

Hi Everyone, just a quick reminder that we have out first social evening of the new season tonight at Pride Park. There is a committee meeting first and the social evening will start around 7.30pm –

    Please remember to bring your membership cards with you

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