New Season Almost Here

Hi folks, are you staring to tingle yet? A brand new Rams season is almost upon us bringing with it excitement, expectation and hope. After a disappointing England World cup performance it will be good to see players who actually want to play and give a 100%.

Fans/supporters of all teams always expect 100% from their team thoughdon’t always get it and I think that angers fans more than anything.  We all know we haven’t got the greatest players in the world, but they’re our players, our Rams, our Derby County and as long as they give 100% we will always get behind them.

Mind on saying that we don’t have the greatest players on the world, I don’t (on the form they showed recently think there’s a player that played for England in the 2010 World Cup we’d want pulling on a Rams shirt, what do you think?

Anyway gird your loins (if that’s not being rude), and ready yourself for an eventful season, not only do we have our A52 neighbours, Leicester and Sheff  United (shame about Wednesday), this season also sees the return of dirty Leeds so yes, I  think eventful is the right word – bring it on

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