Happy New Year 2011

Yep a bit late but I’d just like to wish everyone a happy new year someone told me that 2011 it’s going to be the Chinese year of the Rabbit, not sure if that’s right or not – anyways below you find a few photos from our Christmas party in December, if you took any at the party upload them to our face book page who email them over to me and I’ll get them put on for you.

Okay as you can it’s not James Bailey but Steve Davies (not the snooker player – I bet he gets fed up of that, Sorry Steve) James was ill. Steven is hoping to be back in the Rams fold in time for the New Year so fingers crossed he’ll be banging the goals in again soon. I just like to say that both Steve and John were brilliant and we’d like to thank them for spending their time with us, they made sure they spoke to everyone and it made the night extra special

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