Christmas Party Change

As you will have seen from our Face-book page, due to low ticket sales we’ve had to cancel the Christmas Party and change it to a to a Christmas “Fuddle”.

It’s being held on the same night Tuesday 6th December 2011, but will now take place at PP. Because we’ve had to scale down, it is a membersDCDSC Christmas Party & carers only night, plus those that bought tickets to the original party, who are invited too, (if you bought tickets please bring them along to get a refund).

As it’s a fuddle please bring along some nibbles, if you’d like to know what others are bringing (so we don’t get a mountain of sausage rolls 🙂 ) Give Julie (Humble) a call on 07746 561237 or send her an email by clicking on the following link Email Julie Humble Julie can then advise what others are bringing.

Confirmed guests for the evening are Rams Legends, Steve Powell, Marc Edworthy, Author & Journalist Phil Matthews + one or two other special guests too.

UPDATE  – Ex Rams Legend Charlie Palmer also confimred 🙂

Pics.  Show Steve, Marc & Phil.






It’s a shame that the main  party had to be cancelled, but we understand that times are hard and cash is tight, especially at this time of year. But, at the same time we have to celebrate Christmas don’t we? So if you’re a DCDSC member or bought a ticket for the original party (please bring ticket with you)  come along to our “Christmas fuddle”, to meet eat & mingle.

It starts around 8.00pm so arrive from 7.30pm onwards – look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

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